Sailors kill time under a blistering sun, awaiting a sign of their prey. After bloodshed, a strong arm offers a moment of shelter. A boy gets his first tattoo.

Spermaceti evokes the transitional space-time of a young man who finds himself on the threshold of an initiation. As we fluctuate between the underwater and the above, boundaries become slippery.

Music & Sound Design by Craig Sutherland
Sound Mix & Additional Sound Design by Jef Aerts
Produced by Sarah D’hanens
Associate Producer Barend Weyens
© Cinnamon Entertainment 2018

Adelaide Film Festival 2018, Australia
Thessaloniki Animation Festival 2018, Greece
PÖFF Shorts 2018, Estonia
London International Animation Festival 2018, London
International Short Film Festival Leuven 2018, Belgium
FICA, Aguilar de Campoo International Short Film Festival 2018, Spain
Festival Premiers Plans D’Angers 2019, France
Moscow Shorts 2019, Russia
ANIMA 2019, Belgium
Athens Animfest 2019, Greece
​Mecal Pro 2019, Spain
Semi Finalist / Honorable Mention Columbus International Film & Animation Festival 2019, USA
FilmFest Dresden – International Short Film Festival 2019, Germany
Brussels Short Film Festival 2019, Belgium
Australian International Animation Festival 2019, Australia
​ANIMAFEST Zagreb 2019, Croatia
Palm Springs International ShortFest 2019, USA
Melbourne International Animation Festival 2019, Australia
Animation Now!​ Festival 2019 | NZIFF 2019, New Zealand
La Guarimba International Film Festival 2019, Italy
Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2019, Canada
Dumbo Film Festival 2019, USA
Best Animation Certificate of Excellence
ANNY Animation Nights New York 2019, USA
Winner Best of Fest 2021
Cartoon Club 2019, Italy
Insomnia International Animation Film Festival 2019, Russia
Lago Film Fest 2019, Italy
Monterrey International Film Festival 2019, Mexico
Fantoche International Animation Film Festival 2019, Switzerland
Sound and Vision International Film & Technology Festival 2019, USA
KROK 2019, Russia
Ars Independent Festival 2019, Poland
3D Wire 2019, Spain
Balkanima 2019, Serbia
Prime The Animation! New Talent International Festival 2019, Spain
Special Mention Best Animated Short
Anim’Est 2019, Romania
TOFUZI International Animated Film Festival 2019, Georgia
Best Debut Film nominee
Animateka 2019, Slovenia
Piccolo Festival dell’Animazione 2019, Italy
Short to the Point 2020,
VOID International Animation Film Festival 2020, Germany